domenica, luglio 15, 2007

Test time!!!

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Your signature cocktail is a Margarita

When it comes to having fun, Hollywood's party girls haven't got a thing on you, and that's why your signature drink is the Margarita. You've got the charm, charisma, and energy to be the life of any party. No wonder it's a lot easier to picture you in a bathing suit dancing around like crazy in a bar on the beach than in the office working on a spreadsheet. While you might not go overboard with the drinks, your smile and optimistic demeanor always brings the boys and girls a-knockin'.

Leave the serious chats, stuffy attitudes, and quiet nights in to other people: You might switch up your drink choice now and then, but you're still always out to have a great time. Just order something as fun and as you are — and keep the party going!

What's Your Cocktail?

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falkissima ha detto...

non potevo che essere un 'COSMO'!!
la Falk